Travel safe, travel in time, and travel in Luxury

Travelling is one of the most essential aspects of life and is very critical for special occassions. Such occassions can be once in a lifetime events that you definately have to get right. A special occassion calls for a safe, comfortable and luxurious travel. We have made it our business to redifine limousine travel. We believe that limousine travel is worth more than the vehicle model and that is why we have packages that are largely unmatched in the market. Our fleet of limos are tailor-made for a wide variety of occassions including weddings, honeymoons, airport travel, corporate red carpet events, parties and so on. Our fleet of limousines are chaffeured by a team of trained professionals with great communication, customer relations and time management skills.

We believe that timing is everything in successful travel arrangements and that is why we have developed a reputation for always being there when you need us. As a matter of fact, we will mostly be the ones waiting for you and we will make your day right from the start to the finish.

We have a well maintained fleet comprising of SUV limos, Range Rover Limos, Hummer Limos, Lincolns and so on, with great cabins and lighting systems. We have competitive packages that have unmatched quality services for very affordable prices. Our packages are very flexible and very appropriate for your big day events such as weddings and corporate parties. You can be sure that you will be making a great statement about your taste and personality whenever you step out of any of our vehicles.

Your Big day travel

Our packages provide for hiring for short occassions running into hours as well as those that take place over a number of days with prices starting from as low as 150 pounds. We have a fleet for quiet and calm travel occassions such as  corporate travel, personal travel, weddings and honeymoons as well as those for fun-filled occassions such as those for prom nights, complete with state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems for a great clubbing atmosphere. Our great fleet of limousines come in a variety of colours which ensures that you realy are spoilt for choice whenever you head out for a big event. We also special offers occassionaly and you should make use of these for big savings.


Whether you are travelling as an individual or as a group, we have just the right limo for you. Note that our wedding package is especially a favorite for many people and you should strive to make advance booking especially during peak seasons in order not to miss out on the opportunity to have a truly fairytale wedding. We have made it very convenient and easy for you to do so with a provision for online booking. Alternatively you can contact our customer support center which will always be on hand to help you and answer any questions you may have.

Call us now and get a memorable travel experience.


Hear it first hand from those who had the privillage to be served by us

I couldn't have asked for a better service. As a matter of fact, in my past experience in London, I have never had a limousine service from Heathrow that could measure up to the kind of service that I have since discovered. The limo arrived in good time and the cabin was superclean and luxurious in every bit. These people know what they are doing. Give them a try.

By Anthony K. Mills
The Peaceful Strawberry Web Design Company

The chaffeur was clearly a trained professional with great communication skills. Combined with the amazing lighting of the cabin,the limo had a great ambience that once again gave me value for my money. They have very comfortable and very clean limousines. It was my second time using them and you should definately not miss out on such a great opportunity.

By James Ward
The Acute Turkey Builders Company

The seats were very comfortable and the air conditioning was great. They even had a special surprise for me in the form of a red carpet rollout. They made my wedding the complete fairytale experience. I am so grateful for them and would hire them any day. Believe me, they never dissapointed me a single bit. 

By Amelia Chan
Cloudy Lemon theatre